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Our Story

In 2014 IMANI IMANI BOUTIQUE opened it’s doors in Arlington, TX, and since then has closed and opened in Fort Worth as well as McAllen in South Texas. Imani Imani is owned and operated by the Imani family.

After working fifteen years in corporate America as a professional stylist, national sales trainer, developing sales, wardrobe strategies, and working with design teams to bring new and creative ideas to women across the country. Pamela Coffman-Imani left the corporate world to pursue her dream. Pamela’s passion is and always has been clothes and connecting with women to help them feel like a million dollars. Every woman wants to look thinner, taller, sophisticated, and on trend. Building the relationship on a daily basis is the best part of the clothing business. As a professional stylist with an expertise in body type every woman that shops at imani imani can have the one on one experience and feel confident that whatever event she attends, she will be a hit.

With a variety of designers and new artist, we can dress her for any occasion. Age is just a number, we are all young in spirit, that is what fashion is all about, expressing your own individuality. Building a recognizable brand with integrity and honoring all women is our goal. Focusing each and every day on our very special clientele will be the driving force to expand.

Jordan and Yassie Imani are both gifted fashionista’s with an eye for detail and fashion forward thinking to deliver the latest trends while maintaining a level of sophistication assist in the buying.

We look forward to working with you whatever your needs may be.


More about Pamela

Pamela Coffman-Imani
Professional Stylist,
Creative therapist, Mother
of two beautiful
Founder of IMANI IMANI…
culture revolution.




Pamela Imani has been a passionate leader, trendsetter, believer, achiever in
everything retail.

Pamelaʼs first job began selling high fashion clothes for an independent Texas based chain,
J.Harris. The passion for fashion began early, and more importantly, the passion for making every
customer feel important.

After marrying young, Pamela began working to put her husband through Medical school. She
went to work for Lady Madonna maternity in Chicago, and soon after, was managing eight stores
in the city. Pamela worked closely with the owners, and began traveling to New York and Toronto
to buy for the chain. The Chicago stores were seeing remarkable increases due to wardrobe
strategy and customer service; Pamela led the way, and oversaw the opening of Lady Madonna on
the most prestigious street in all of Chicago. She became the marketing agent for the company,
attending premier store openings, and galas.

In 1987, after taking six weeks off to travel Europe and see all the great design houses, and dreaming of one day opening a great store for all women, Pamela left Chicago to move to New York for her husbandʼs internship. In their one year spent in NYC, she designed and sewed outfits for toddlers, as well as spent many days in the clothing district.

After moving to Mobile, AL, Pamela decided it was time to give the town a taste of glamour and high fashion. She opened IMANI IMANI, a store for women uniquely creating individual excitement. IMANI IMANI opened in November 1989, specializing in unique apparel, and had exclusivity with Laise Adzer, (a beautiful Moroccan line. Beautiful fabrics and designs). Other lines were Tadashi, Norman Todd &Co, Streets Ahead, Karen Alexander, IIF, Wild Rose, Levanti, Wayne Rogers, Leatherock, and exclusively sold Pheromone by Marilyn Miglin. Her goal is not to compete with department stores or other clothing stores. Her goal is and always has been to build relationships and dress women to look and feel their ABSOLUTE BEST! In 1990, Imani Imani was featured in Mobile Bay Magazine every month, sponsored by the Junior League, radio ads were on every day, IMANI IMANI was becoming a household name, and business was great. After three years of success, it was time to move again. Knowing that IMANI IMANI would one day reopen, she closed the store.

The Imaniʼs decided to set up practice in Ogden, Utah. For six years life was all about the Junior League, the Medical Society, Motherhood, and shopping. After divorcing, Pamela moved back to Texas, went back to work for J.Harris until they decided to close their doors after 30+ years. She then went to work for Cacheʼ in 2001 and doubled the business in six years; developed a very loyal clientele, and hired and trained a team to understand body type and fit, and therefore, become more than just a salesperson.

Pamela left Cache in 2007, and went to work for White House Black Market in May 2007 as a store manager at the Southlake, Texas location. In the first six months, she increased dollars $600,000.00, which caught the eye of the new Vice President, Head of Stores. He asked Pamela to teach her selling strategy to the company, in 2009 as Regional sales coach. At the lowest economic time since the great depression, her team added a million dollars a year, and to this day Southlake is the only 5 million dollar store, most profitable in the company, at #1 in volume, #1 average dollar, #1 units per transaction. In 2011, Pamela was promoted to District manager for Central Texas, taking Central Texas from the bottom five to the top 5, in every metric. In 2012, the prominent Dallas stores were added to her district, putting her at 11 stores doing over $28,000,000.00, while maintaining the highest customer retention, associate retention, and top 3 in all metrics. In 2013 Pamela became powerless to get the corporation to make the much needed changes.

Enter IMANI IMANI….. culture revolution! Women are tired of the same ole same ole. Where are the
independent retailers? Every mall, every lifestyle center is DOMINATED with the same OLD
stores!! Customers are crying for new, fresh, affordable clothes. The MASS MERCHANDISERS are
out of touch, thatʼs why you see the promotions getting deeper each year, trying to add dollars to
the bottom line. INTEGRITY should mean something, No one is going to buy something full price
that in less than two weeks will be on sale. These corporate giants are not listening to the
consumer, it takes the merchants to get on a sales floor and listen to the customer. In an economy that is better than it has been in seven years, retail is unable to get the margins right. It is not the economy, it is the decision makers. Business is good, clothes are bad. IMANI IMANI has a pulse on what every age is hungry for. Consumers are not looking for couture that is out of range for your average consumer. It is all about TREND, SEXY, AFFORDABLE, and more importantly, to have their own personal stylist to dress her! Fashion is fun at every age, you can feel the need, the desire for NEW, HOT, and HIP, clothes.

Where do you go? It is time for a fashion alternative.


October 2014 opened IMANI IMANI at Arlington Highlands, Arlington Texas

May 2015 opened IMANI IMANI at Trenton View , McAllen Texas

I Truly Love this Place and have Loved Everything Pamela has dressed me in. The Greatest thing is that she gets my Style- She is Soo Good at what she does- Thank You!
Donna Tusan
Pam I love everything OMG can you say Awesome,I would buy your store out.
Sky Patty Walker
Thank you Lisa! I had such a good time shopping with you and have some GREAT new pieces that I LOVE!
Jaelyn Claborn Conway
Fantastic!!! Pam is an amazing person and her store is fabulous.
Babs Barbara Lentz
Thank you Lisa for helping me find the perfect dress. You made my shopping so much easier. The boutique has so many great options.
Jennifer Helbing
Pam I’ve known you forever, so I know your store will be nothing but fabulous!!! I wish you the best of success, but you are already a huge success in the retail market. I’ve been by once & can’t wait to see the inside!!!! Super excited for you:)
Cynthia Criswell-Coffman
Excellent clothing and customer service! Pam was wonderful! Had so much fun with her and she was able to show me different ways to wear different items! Loved my experience here!
Elizabeth Easterling
5 star
Love these clothes! Walk in, shop and let Pam help you with accessories and additions! I love help when it comes to fashion!
Melissa Bridges Smith