A few months back, a designer out of Fredericksburg, TX called Magnolia Pearl, had reached out to us about carrying their clothes in Imani Imani. They thought we would be the perfect partner for their line because of our beautiful store with a bohemian vibe. We took a look at the line, saw the prices, and almost automatically ruled it out! Our customer wouldn’t pay $95 for a vintage looking tee, we thought.

The company could sense the hesitation over the prices, so they insisted we let them send us the entire line! With no charge (unless we sold some)! This was a great move, as it took FEELING these clothes and seeing them on, in person, to realize this was a great line!! The quality far exceeds this pricepoint. Turns out, each item is hand crafted, one of a kind, and limited production. So unique!

Once we received the line, we decided to go live on Facebook to test the waters, and see if this would be a good investment. We could not believe the positive response! We sold so many pieces! Turns out, you all really do love a great piece!!

SO, naturally, we will now be carrying this amazing, local, line. Come by and try on some of these pieces and see what all the hype is about. It is so worth it! And go check them out online!


Check out the live video here!