Women over 50 are Worthy

Women over 50 are Worthy

In today’s world, women over 50 are made to feel less than the younger group. So many changes start happening around this age. The kids are gone, the husband leaves you for a younger version,  your lifelong job says “you’re fired.” You wake up one morning and you’ve gained 20 pounds and chopped your hair off. You look in the mirror and (AHHH!!) do not recognize the person staring back.

For some reason, your know-it-all children seem to just have it all together. They’ve got all the answers! What you should/shouldn’t be doing (“EWWW, why would you be on Tinder?! That’s for kids!), what you should be wearing (“Shouldn’t you cover up a little?” “Mom, what are you trying to prove with that short skirt?!?!”), what you should be eating (“Gluten is so bad for you!!”), and by the way, don’t be so depressed!

Friends are either still happily married (or so they say.. no telling what their husbands say), and will take pity on you. They’ll say “go out and date!” Instead, why don’t they offer up some real help? Such as, “let me straighten your hair with this great new expensive straightener my husband bought me!” or, “Let’s practice this new makeup technique I learned from my amazing makeup artist!” EYEROLL. 

On the other hand, other friends are going through similar circumstances as you are, and will usually just take a seat at your pity party with you. This is no good for anyone. Why don’t we build each other up in times of need? 

Allow me to help. WOMEN- you are worthy. Your life is FAR from over, it could be just the beginning! At 50 years old, you have all the wisdom of living. Making mistakes. Loving someone. Hating someone. It’s your life! You’re the same vivacious woman that you were at 20 or 30, but with SO MUCH MORE (and less kids ;)).  The fun part about being 50+ is there isn’t any judgement! And if there is, who cares?

Get up in the morning, look in the mirror and say “Hello Gorgeous!” Draw yourself a long bath with beautiful and soothing oils, and just get lost in the aroma! Listen to some classical music and imagine. Dream. Live!

Put your makeup on. Straighten your hair. Put on your ripped and torn skinny jeans with a cool Magnolia Pearl graphic t-shirt (these things have no age limit!). Add a bootie. Make all of this a priority. 

Now look in the mirror. You are the same person you were at 25, only better! You will always be thrown various curveballs, at the end of the day, all you can count on is YOU. And who you greet in the mirror. Life is what we make it! When you go through a daily ritual of being grateful and honoring yourself, you will attract what you have been waiting for!!!!

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  1. Teresa December 28, 2018 at 3:57 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much! And nothing will make you feel so stupid and ugly as traveling 3 weeks to Italy with your 19 year old daughter. You spend so much money to create joy and it turns out to be a stressball on my “ugly” 53 year old shoulders! “don’t do that! Don’t touch them, why are you saying that? quit drinking so much wine!” UGH!!!!!
    Thank you for the confirmation I am not the only one who deals with such BS! I see the wrinkles on my chest, and I haven’t had intimacy (yes Married) in so long I think I have cobwebs, But I know there is so much more to my life. I am at the point of trying to figure what that is! YES! I got a tat for my birthday, “ENJOY LIFE” on my inside ankle. My husband has yet to even notice it! Good grief! So now to figure out how to live a healthy and happy life with bla (again, spouse) and negativity surrounding it! How to do that!!!???? How does one find JOY after 50 basically ALONE?? Hence, your next topic!
    Thank you again for the affirmation! Off to YOGA!

    • pamela imani January 12, 2019 at 9:27 pm - Reply

      You are amazing! Never doubt yourself, it is a priviledge to be alive! When you start dedicating yourself to yourself you will see how fast everyone wants, desires, and needs your attention. In my 56 years I am my number one, when I take care of me, all else falls in to place. When your daughter says something that appears to be thoughtless, misguided, and just rude, chalk up to youth, laugh it off and ignore her!!! First of all when your daughter starts paying for your wine, botox, decadent desserts, then you can listen, until then spend your money and your husbands money on YOU!! (that gets everyones attention) Confidence is the best aphrodisiac, hold your head up high, dress up and show up even its just you. Love yourself, no one will ever love you more than you!!!! CELEBRATE every day there are no guanrantees!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!! You can go see my old self on our Facebook page, Yes my goal is to become a video star!!!! Imani Imani Boutique

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